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I live in Torrance and am currently taking ATS classes in Long Beach. I'm thinking I could use a change of pace and I've been wanting to branch out in Tribal Fusion for almost as long as I've been dancing. I'm looking at a 45 minute drive at LEAST from where I am to any Tribal teacher in the south bay and I'd really rather not have to go to LA or Hollywood unless it's like...a life or death situation.

I've taken workshops hosted by Sashi before though I've never actually learned from her. It's going to be kind of a big commitment quitting my current class and investing extra driving time and money into another class session. I was hoping to drop in on one of Sashi's classes, and I was also hoping they were ongoing. Alas, she doesn't offer drop-ins and all of her classes are consecutive. Meaning if I purchase 6 classes and can't attend one then I'm S.O.L. In order to determine weather or not I can handle the drive and if the class material is appropriate for me, it looks like I'm going to have to put down the $60 for 6 classes and commit to driving to Orange County every Sunday night.

I've pretty much decided that I want to do it, and I'm also pretty sure that it'll be worth my while. But there is always that nagging suspicion that I might be missing out on a more convenient and equally rewarding opportunity with a local teacher I don't know about yet, or that if I make the time/money investment I might just not get along with the teacher or something terrible could happen and the sky could come crashing down. I might just be in need of some assurance or maybe some suggestions on other teachers to keep in mind if I can't handle the drive.

Thanks :)
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